Remember on the dog page when I was talking about cute dog breeds and for the last one I said that I’ll talk about it later? Well this is what I was speaking about- pugs. Here at Goodlittlekitty, pugs are very special and I’ll share with you why.

First of all, without a doubt, pugs are very, very cute from their big, bulgy eyes to the cute curled up tail. The first thing about pug faces to address is the wrinkles. No pug could ever do without the very unique wrinkles. Normally found on the face, pug wrinkles actually have a special China  pattern. Some pugs have wrinkles that mean “prince” in China ( I think they should be kings ). Pug wrinkles have a downside, sadly. Pug wrinkles are a great place for germs, gunk and bacteria to form so pug owners must clean out the wrinkles daily as part as the regular grooming schedule. Next there are the huge eyes that you can not ignore. Pug eyes are extremely bulgy and big. That’s what makes them hard to ignore. But like the wrinkles, pug eyes also have a downside. Pugs who wear neck collars and have it pulled on or tugged on, could mean that the eyes could literally pop right out of the eye socket. So many pug owners put on body harnesses to keep the eyes looking cute and perfect. Then there are those flat faces. Pugs are in a group of dogs with short faces called brachycephalic dogs. Other dogs in this group include English Bulldogs, Pekingeses, Boxers, and Boston Terriers. The face, as most pug owners are used to, is responsible for snorting, grunting and – snoring. If you’re planning to have your own pug, get used to snoring. It’s not going to be able to be fixed and  must be accepted. Pug faces are also responsible for something that comes out of the other end. Pugs are known for gas. Because they inhale a lot of air, pugs have to exit that air and it doesn’t come out as fresh as before. So stock up on Febreze. And finally, pugs have adorably tails. The pug’s tail is very unique. It comes in 2 versions- single and double curled. Double curled is very, very accepted in dog shows. Singles aren’t bad neither. So as you can see, pug cuteness is just one of the things that we love about pugs.

Next, pugs have a wonderful personality. Pugs have great, little personalities. All pugs are different but normally they’re spunky, lighthearted and sweet. But to us here at Goodlittlekitty, pugs are regal, smart, perky,and unique.  Pugs are also good because they do what they want when they want to. If he wants to eat, he’ll find a way to eat one way or another. And they usually get what they want. And pugs also do extremely cute things as well. If you go on Youtube, you’ll find hilarious videos of cute pugs from a pug stuck in the toilet to 3 who can’t decide if they want to eat or go to the park or not to one who can say Batman and much, much more. And your pug on the couch is also a clown. Your pug may pass gas at an unexpected time to sleeping in a funny position.

Pugs are also loved by Goodlittlekitty because they were and still are treated like royalty. Back then, pugs were owned by kings and emperors and treated like as if they were people themselves. Today, pugs are still treated like little kings. Pugs have been owned by plenty of famous celebrities. And pugs can be famous themselves as well. Pugs have starred in countless movies, most notably “The Adventures of Milo and Otis” and “Men in Black II”. They’ve also been popular in commercials such as the Mighty Dog food commercials. And a super bowl commercial that has to do with Dortios chips.

And lastly, pugs show their owners great love. Unlike many toy breeds, pugs get along wonderfully with the whole family including children. This is because pugs are bigger than chihuahuas and yorkies so they can handle a little more horse play. Pugs also like other animals like dogs and cats. They don’t mind playful pups or stuck up cats. And they may even play with them from time to time. Pugs have even been known to protect their owners. A long time ago, a pug named Fortune who was loved by Napolen’s wife wanted to sleep in the bed with him and her. Napolen tried to get the pug out of the bed and it bit his hand because it thought that it was harming the wife. So as you can see, pugs are very loved by us and the world. To us, their name means 3 words- perfect, unique, good and special.


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